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Ruined by greed

Has the potential to be the perfect football game but it is made by absolute morons. It straight up cheats you all the time. I won't go into it too much but anyone who has played it knows what I'm talking about. I drew one vs game 5-5 & when it ended it said I lost 3-5. It is clearly geared towards the idiots who pump money into it because they somehow feel it's important. It isn't. If it was done properly I think it could be worth $40-$50. At the moment it is hardly worth the time I waste on it.

Stopped working

I play on iPad 2 ..This couple of days it's been shutting off without even starting ..the screen stops at running drills and shuts off ..please help



It needs to be improved

It used to be great but now it is getting compilcated when starting the game and needs to download assets mlre than 10 times a day and that make it silly and we as football fans starting to hate it


If you get mad easy then don’t play Vs Attack. I have an 84 overall team and I get placed against 95 overalls every time. As you can guess it’s not very close. Beware you will have to grind to get your team up and the rush you get from getting TOTM is amazing. Overall it’s really good. I would recommend buying it.

Not Fair

This game is totally unfair and cheats players to make money. How can people move up the ranks if the Ai selects gross mix matches? If I have a 108 level team, why do I have to compete with teams 120,121, 128, or 132 when we are ready at a disadvantage because of the many counterattack’s? I can understand this being a business, but please try to have some fairness when doing it. I gotten less than 500 points to reaching the next level only for the “computer”selecting an opponent that outranks me by 15 or 20. Do you do this in hopes I will spend thousands of dollars trying upgrade my team only to have to go through it all over again in 32days. Come on EA this is unfair and it makes the game unenjoyable. Please fix.

Vs Attack

Match making system is trash. I have a 100 OVR team and 8 times in a row I’ve had to play teams 107+ and I’m expected to win? It’s stupid to try and match make based off OVR and Fans. Just go based off overall to each match is fair. Smh


Pls just go back to the old fifa like 2014 or 15 pls.

How cool is FIFA 18 mobile

This game is so litty


Everytime Ima t vs attack I'm on bronze and I'm agents a gold and a silver so when I get counter attacks it's gg I loose I now lost like 10 games now cuz it's with a gold or silver


I don’t like this game anymore because In vs attack the people with the lower overall get better chances and it just gets really frustrating when you lose

Fun play but major consistency issues

I agree with most everyone here, the VS can be extremely infuriating with having to play better teams constantly and often seems like the other teams get an extra possession while yours says time up. Swipe kicking is very inconsistent same power can send it into the stands or dribble it to the other team. And same angle can send it to the sidelines or dribble it straight ahead. App can crash often, more often though if you watch an ad for a reward you’ll end up watching 2-4 just to get the 1 reward. I’d probably give it 2-3 stars, but this game should not be 4.5 stars. Somethings slanted there. Unless most everyone spends a good deal of cash to upgrade their team.

Login problems

Issue of the month, this is a serious problem, after two years of building teams, I cannot login for two days, if I have to start from the very bottom I’m done with this game. It seems like there are many minor problems every now and then which you can get over, but this is a major problem going on for 2 days.

Buggy crap

I have never seen a crap like this before. It’s hugely bugged and developers aren’t bothered about it at all. This app should be removed from the store!! Apple, this app is ruining your image! Remove it from iTunes.

Great game but...

Overall the game is very fun, a great game for those who can’t afford the real game. Unlike other games, ads don’t suddenly popup which makes it nicer. However, I think that the Vs. attack match making isn’t fair. It matches players by their fans and not their OVR. Other then that its a great game. The only thing i want in the game added is watching ads for fifa points, coins, or most importantly stamina. In TOTS, your able to watch a ad for a TOTS voucher. This system should be implemented for the other currencys and stamina. This could reduce the hassle of farming these items and not only it supports the players. It can support the developers too.


Honestly, the game is great. However, ever since the new update with the line-ups, I’ve been experiencing crashing while receiving rewards and pressing on players to look at their stats (while on the pack opening screen).

FIFA mobile

Love it so much so much fun also I love soccer by the way


ان ان پر باگه خاك برسرتون واقعا ريدين مادر .... ها اخه گاوا براي بار دوم من ازworld class 1 رفتم pro 3 مادر .... هاي تخمي

Amazing! Here’s a few things I wish was added.

I absolutely love everything in the game. I also have a few things I wish was added. 1. Make your own formation. Just like how you can create a formation on Fifa 18, you should be able to in the game. 2. Create a player! This would be spectacular! 3. Create a kit. Speaks for itself. 4. Customize cleats and choose them. Fun! 5. Choose players numbers. 6. More packs in the store. Would be amazing! 7. Friends. Add friends and scrimmage and message them. Also be able to invite them to your league. Please consider adding these things in the game! Thank you.

Update Messed Up The Game

After EA did a content update and now the game just constantly crashes. They really are the worst.

Make a Career Mode!!!

Career mode is so fun on Xbox and would be super cool on mobile! Otherwise a very great game! Thanks! 👌👌👌


I’ve had this game for some quite time now and I really like it a lot, especially when getting the big name players. The only thing that I don’t like is the campaign portion of the game. It’s so unfair, and the timing on some of them is absolutely insane there are some changes I would like to see done to improve this game. First, slow down the timing, and secondly, when playing campaign all games should start out 0-0 and not 0-2 in 45 minute mark. It’s hard to score three goals to win a game.

Game keeps crashing

The game keeps crashing after the latest update.

VS mode is terrible

I've enjoyed playing this game for a while. The events are cool, and I enjoy working through the plans to improve my team. That said, the new VS mode took all of the fun out of the game. It's impossible to compete without dumping days of your life or tons of money into upgrades. Also, good luck starting out with your player going in the right direction on any possession. It's absurd. Editing for Tournament mode critique: It’s a garbage scam. There’s no way to differentiate your team from another, so good luck advancing to better rewards...and once you do, you’ll be left one win away from the one you want. Editing again: Because the game won’t load on my phone anymore. Really a phenomenal program, if you don’t ever want to play the game or enjoy what you’re doing.

Best game ever!!

This game is the best ever it is never laggy. And everything is so cheap! It is so addicting I can never get off of it


Something wrong with the latest update, the game stope suddenly few second after i enter the game, and this problem continues from 16 hours ago. Please fix it i need to enter to play my tournament.

can we just have a normal game with controller support for $30?

i hate in app purchase games; can i just have a real $25+ version that i can use a controller support with my iPad or apple tv please? all these gems and things are crazy; i’m sure you make money from some people but can you make a proper iPad FIFA my kids can play? do i really have to buy a switch or console? please

not good in ipad 5

resulation is too big in ipad 5 in awards and ....

Очень много багов

Вылетает постоянно игра каждые 7-9 минут iPhone 6. Невозможно играть после ваших последних обновлений. Поэтому даже одну звезду не поставил бы. Я разочарован (((

You should add trading to the game


I don’t have my 2050 fifa points!!

I was playing the game and figured out there are in-app-purchases I wanted to buy 1025 fifa points.. it said there was a bonus 1025.. I bought it for ten dollars and it didn’t give it to me... 😢😢

Road to champion

Road to champion rewards not loading, as well as rewards for ads sometimes, & the fact that there’s no commentary, either than that this is the best game on mobile

Needs Improvement

It is a great game over all. But, it needs work. First of all, the vs attack matchups are WAY to unfair. I’ve got an 84 rated team, and I’m playing against someone who has a 94 rated team.

Lost everything

Been playing for several months and yesterday there was issues with their server. Once it came back online, I no longer had an account it has me with nothing all the campaigns, all the players gone.

Mal empararejamiento

Cómo vas a poner un nivel 56 contra un 80 cómo lo van a ser lo demás bien pero el emparejamiento pésimo malísimo horrible tienen que mejorar eso mientras para mi va a seguir siendo un juego malo

Absolute scam

Only way to win, is to pay. Ea should be sued for their lottery box scam

Update failure

I really enjoys the game and I regularly plays it because i have no interest in playing something else anyway, I regularly update my apps but when i found that there is an update today on Fifa i updated it cause i want to see the new stuff but i found out that the fouls are not working anymore. I can't shoot, i can't aim or point at where i want to place the ball at, I can't determine the strength of the shoot and again I can't even shoot!!! I thought it's my phone but i tried it with a different phone and still I can't shoot!!! I really wish the developers fix this asap

Warning: EA doesn’t care about its loyal gamers

I was a loyal and avid player for nearly three years! I played on a daily basis and spent countless hours on this game. The app underwent maintenance on 5/8/2018 and I lost literally everything I worked for. Upon contacting EA I was only greeted with generic and useless responses. I guess it’s not considered profitable enough to address the issue. I know I can not be the only one who has gone through this. It’s a shame the monopoly that EA has created on the soccer/fútbol gaming industry. I only post this in hopes to brace those who will be dealt the same fate as me.


Matchups are totally uneven and messed up. I always get partway through a season of VS, and then I start getting trashed because of horrible matchups! Also, some of the challenges are really unreasonable and they don’t tell you what’s required, so then when you end up drawing the game, it tells you that you failed (give me extra time!) give players more energy cause 30 is so frikin low



Please read immediately

The recent update won’t let the app start for more than four seconds.

It’s good but there are some bugs you really need to fix

So I like fifa mobile except for the fact it has bugs. I was playing a game, then the game crashed, and I lost 35,000 fans. I was so mad. The game also crashes other times. Please fix these bugs.


You pay to win, and you have wait for recourses to download. FIX IT!

In many ways better than console

By no means is it a perfect soccer game that won’t make you scream your guts out when it auto-switches to the wrong player, but in many ways it is much better than the console version. Although still important, pace is not as dominant of a factor as in console, and each stat just feels very important. For instance, I would actually buy the slow and weak Fabregas or Iniesta in this game JUST because they have good passing, given how bad the passing is if the player has low passing stats. Also the players go beyond 99 which is interesting. Overall, I wish some of these elements went to console. It feels like a realistic soccer game, or at least a lot more PES-like.

It won’t be fun anymore

This game was my favorite game since fifa13 launched. This season I don’t know what happened! New ideas based on collecting money only, you do any thing, create any event, make game extremely harder just to let players pay money, for example I wish you can see my VS history, my OVR is 101, now I’m facing 109!! I see it’s better to make this game paid since beginning, not to waste our time. Guys who are reading this, 10, 50, 100$ is doing nothing here, if you want to enjoy the game you need thousands. Finally, season 18/19 is coming soon, please consider what I’m saying in the next version.

Needs work

The mechanics are kinda wacky. I’ve passed, shot into the goal, ball longs off into space.... I’ve opened 10 TOTS packs and got only 3 under 75 players (which is absolutely garbage) and I’m kinda disappointed.

Not as fun as FIFA 16 was

Idk why this is rated as an editors choice. This game is way more complicated and hits you up for money at every turn. If you want to just play simple, mindless fifa, that went the way of the dodo. Not everyone wants to compete in worldwide tournaments or other nonsense and I doubt anyone wants to pay for stamina points lol. I’d rather not play this game than pay any additional money. If you want, charge me $20 and let me have access to the game. Instead, at every turn I’m being hit up for dollars. Really takes the fun out of the game.

Great game

It’s such a great game because it feels like your doing a great job even if your a beginner.

Add the season mode back please

I think this game is really fun I like the new campaign mode thing and the events but i really miss season mode that has Benin my favorite part of fifa for the past season so will you please add it back now or at least next season. Thank You

Me robaron

Le puse para comprar un pack de 1,000 fifa points y si me lo cobraron pero me apareció error en la pantalla y no me dieron nada 😒😡🤬

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