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Just a horrible pay to play EA sports title. Nothing more or less. March making... terrible. Stupid cards... terrible. Chance of winning or forming a team over 90 without spending $... terrible. Good job with your terrible game! Btw I really don't rate BS games but this terrible one takes the cake.


The tournament is unfair and for some reason I can’t play it

I would rate this a zero star if I could

Since when did soccer games have a level 83 team go against a 105 team?and when did people score 11 goals in a second?thats either lag or hacker

Give it a two

I would only give it a two because it keeps on crashing every time whenever I want to play it



Players don’t respond properly

Many issues with this game and there’s no way to actually report them... The worst is when your player controls themselves continually passing to the opposite team purposely, running the opposite way, shooting directly at the goalie. You get paired up against someone who is 100+ and your players just keep running into their wall of defenders it’s not fun and not even worth completing the match it’s just infuriating. There needs to be a difficulty filter. I’m not facing 79’s but I’m facing 100+ and I’m defending against breakaways half the time. (This is called unfair play and favoritism). Fix you’re terrible game. So typical from EA Canada


It’s been fun playing this game all the players are cool but I just ask one thing if u can bring back totw I really want it to come back and for some reason my market is not working currently right now


The game is amazing!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩


Plain and simple this company exploits everything possible with this game by profiting on stupid gimmicks to get you to buy “key players” and “better this, better that”......for 10$?!?!?!?!? NOPE. Be smart, just play it on a console and guess what, you don’t have to pay $29.99 to MAYBE get Bale or Ochoa in a stupid pack, they are already there on the game...FOR FREE!!!!!


Why always i get higher rating vs match opponents??? Fix it please it is boring

I won yay!!!!!!

That was awesome

I’m done

Love it when I’ll go against someone with a lower OVR and they will get better scoring chances. “In the clear...” (x10) I also love when I would do across and no one would go to the ball. I would have my shot ready and they back off and let the ball roll out. I hope u can fix these because they’re the reason why I deleted the game even tho it’s a pretty good game.

Vs Attack Mode Is Horrible!!

This is a really fun game other than the fact that the vs. attack mode is absolutely ridiculous. You have no control over who you get matched up against, so I am constantly pitted against higher rated teams. Often severely so with me playing a team that is rated 7,8 or even 13 points higher. And not only are you overmatched talent wise, it gives more of an advantage to the more talented team rather than evening it out. So you are basically helpless to win games over and over again. This part of the game needs to change!

Not fair

Pleas let us play against people that is the same overall because it’s hard when you are against people that is better than you and you can’t do anything to win




age rating 4+? you're joking right. no 4 year old is playing this can't even win a game with your simulated non sense. your game is designed for us to lose over and over

Ur game is fake

One reason is that the players don’t even have faces and also the vs attack is broken u only put on ranking instead of overall. So now ur fake game is putting 76 overall teams against 90+ overall teams to play against

Hand fouls

I don't know who noticed When I shot from long distance the referee don't give me free kick because of HAND of rival players. Try it.

The best

I love this game


Totally awesome, but more fun after you set it all up!


Good game

Crashes too much

I only had this app for a week and was working fine until today, every time I open the app it crashes. No matter how many times I open it

Well Played

They’ve done a great job with keeping this game fun and engaging. Multiple challenges allow people with of all levels of interests and time to enjoy the Beautiful Game!

Don’t bother unless you’re willing to pay!

Absolute terrible game unless you have a large disposable income! Want a good player at auction? Better buy millions of coins! 93 overall or better players will cost you 3 million or more in coins. Wanna level up your weak players? Better buy those coins! Wanna play Vs mode? Good luck unless you bought those coins since you’re gonna be playing people whose overall is at least 3 levels higher then yours. Edit: I actually managed to forget the legendary FIFA scripting! Wanna make a tackle on that striker in front of goal? Oooh too bad looks like you were in the right position so let’s just slide you out of the way. The LB you’ve been outrunning all game? Don’t let go of the sprint button cus all of a sudden he can outrun a cheetah! Ooh nice three goal lead you’ve got there it’d be a shame if you lost 4-3 with less then 10 minutes of game time left. 91 rated keeper? Better hope you don’t have to face a shot cus he’s not stopping anything. The ridiculousness of this game is unbelievable at times. Your players well get the ball, and either get called for a foul or the ball will roll to the opponent. You go for a spin move the CB runs over your striker, and play on waves the ref! Ah a cross coming in and my player goes up brings it down and needs three touches to control it and get the shot off. But don’t you worry the opposing striker will knock over your strongest CB while out jumping him for a header when using a small agile player. my players regularly get knocked over by small speedy players despite being supposedly “big and strong”.


It we by let me get on the app it keeps sending me to home screen


garbage They always have "glitches" that makes u lose Really bad controllers they do not respond well There is a lotof cheating All they want you to do is spend money NOT RECOMENDED!

Best game for sports mobile

I love it !

Worst game on the entire biggest universe + Jordan

Worst graphics worst controls worst prices just wanna get money out of the game whatever u do do NOT play this plz they can not fix all the issues in the game.I beg you not to play this game and never play with this girl name Jordan she goes obm arena in strongsville OH she’s very mean to wrap it up

International league

After World Cup bring the international league with all the countries

Better than DreamLeague

One word:Graphics

They are really good

I just wish that I can get Messi can you please give it to me.?


I have been playing this game since fifa 15 ultimate team to this update of the world cup all I have to say is that the game is really fun I love this game I also hope that we get to keep our players for the World Cup event because I put time in it but otherwise the game is really fun.

Why can’t I get my world class ll rewards


Fun, but...

The game is a lot of fun and realistic but I just got ripped off $10 when I purchased something! I would not recommend getting anything in the app that requires money.

Horrible controls

When you play a game in FIFA the controls are all over the place, you don’t have a stable control to help you win. It just gets in way of everything.

Pay to win

As long as you have a higher score, there is no chance to lose. However if you have a extremely low score such as 65 you don’t have any chance. You will face a 60-70% great chance opposite team; in other hand, you only have 10%. There is no way you can win against a 60% team. Only if you can get a higher score team, you can win. The question is how? Of course pay for the score. It’s a dam pay to win game.


Your stuff lags to much. I click on the goal and for some reason it goes out like what the. But the game is good though

World Cup way too hard

The World Cup matches are so hard and it makes you completely start over it is so annoying they make so they want you to lose pathetic

Use to be fun

I use to play this game everyday but then my account got messed up and I had to reset and can’t get my players back it’s disappointing because I loved this game


The game is rigged in parts because other than the fouls call the game is awesome. But the fouls need work. I’ll do a clean slide tackle and get a foul, while they do a foul into the back and it’s okay. Terrible. Work on this please.

Give stuff you buy

I bought a national hero and it didn’t give it to me but I like the game .I’m a 81OVR and I get put against 100+and90+. You should put elite players in the free packs.🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷love the game!


This is just Ultimate Team, which is incredibly disappointing. Miss the old days where you could play with actual teams while you’re sitting around waiting on an airplane or something.

vs Attack Is So Unfair

Please Developers fix Vs Attack. It’s so unfair!!

It’s good but bad at the same time

I can’t play with someone my overall in VS Attack And I’m in legendary III And I play vs 98,95,94 and I’m a 91 Overall Like BRUH!

Bring back the old FIFA mobile plz

This is a good game, but not as good as it used to be. I really miss the old FIFA, where it was more related to the actual fifa. I miss building teams with chemistry, playing with inform cards, actual online games, etc. I get that EA makes more money the way it is now, but it should be about what the user wants. Still a good game though, I just think it is very hard to have a lot of fun without using ur allowance.

Please fix matchmaking

Pleaseeee fix matchmaking i keep playing against 100 and above not even 90+ im so fed up with this please fix this

Packs are too expensive and matchmaking is broken.

Title says it all...

Very bad game

There is no instant replay,no referee,unlike the past ones,the game is just so boring,you guys have to work a lot on the next fifa

Game is fun but bad

The game is fun but its made in a really bad way if in the world cup 2018 the game is made for you to lose except if you choose a good team the goal keeper will always dodge the penalties if you play with a weak team such as Egypt it needs to be moderated and fair. Please fix your game!


This game is very awesome keep up the the great work EA. And can you guys add more elite players like no offense but I always manage to pull bronze or grey what ever that is called, and it you guys get this I was wondering if you guys could do me a huge favor and follow me on the gram “instagram “, my name is abdi_is_king, and also if you guys could maybe send me some kicks idk. Well I rated your game 5⭐️ and pretty much that’s all peace and take care

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